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Hello Trader,

Today we are going to show you the brand new FXT50 Forex trading system developed with many premium features that work out of the box!

FXT50 contains an advanced 3 time frame momentum filter that will allow to take safer trades in line with other time frames.

The system includes a simple-to-use trade assistant expert advisor that helps you to open/close trades really fast + tracking your open trades.

Moreover, FXT50 has a built-in a 3 way alert feature (Popup Alerts, Email Alerts, Push Alerts) so that you will never miss a new trading signal.

FXT50 System Loaded On Metatrader 4

The FXT50 Forex system is a very easy-to-use trading software for beginners and seasoned traders alike, yet it provides advanced price filtering to keep your trading at the highest level.

The built-in trading assistant will help you to open and close the trades with ONE CLICK and includes some interesting risk management tools.

Why Trade With The FXT50 Forex Software?

The FXT50 Forex system works with three different modes (you can pick the one that fits your trading style) and never repaints its signals.

The scalping mode generates the fastest signals with increased risk, but at the same time bigger profit potential.

The day trading mode is perfectly balanced for most traders, while the swing trading mode was designed for busy people that do not have much time for trading.

How FXT50 Forex System Works

The FXT50 trading system has a built-in trend and momentum filter, based on 3 time frames that provides a confirmation mechanism for every signal (see image above).

There’s actually one thing to remember:

  • The best buy trades occur when all 3 circled dots are colored BLUE.
  • The best sell trades occur when all 3 circled dots are colored RED.

Buy & Sell Trade Example Chart

The chart below shows a strong sell trend because all 3 circled dots are colored RED. We trade only the red sell signals and avoid the blue buy signals. It’s that simple!

The chart below shows a strong buy trend because all 3 circled dots are colored BLUE. This time, we trade only the blue buy signals and avoid the red sell signals.

Easy, Effective, Plug and Play!

The FXT50 Forex trading software was developed for all kind of traders from, Forex beginners to advanced traders.

If you are new on the Forex Market, FXT50 will quickly teach you how to read the charts in a clear and effective way.

If you are an advanced trader you can improve your trading methods by using our software which will give you a simplified market analysis and smooth entries!

The system installation will not take more than just a few minutes of your time. FXT50 contains a detailed instruction manual with screenshots.

GALLERY Trading Examples

Take a look how the signals looks like.


The FXT50 Forex system with Trade Assistant is a unique combination of the latest and most advanced technologies with simplicity of use.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a scalper, day trader or swing trader. FXT50 works for any time frame and trade style with great precision.

What You’ll Get:

  • FXT50 Forex System for Metatrader 4
  • Free Trade Assistant (MT4)
  • Works for any Forex pair, Indices, Stocks, Metals, Gold…
  • Never repaints any trading signal, 100% guaranteed
  • Popup Alerts, Email Alerts, Push Alerts & Sound Alerts
  • Detailed step by step PDF manual
  • Use on unlimited MT4 accounts and devices
  • Customer Support + unlimited updates

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